.RS Domain Name for Rio Grande do Sul

.rs is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Serbia, and are also very popular around the world as they can be used for words ending in ‘rs’.

Many websites in Brazil use this domain, because of the abbreviation of Rio Grande do Sul and the fact that the official abbreviation of the state Rio Grande do Sul located in the southern region of Brazil is RS.

Anyone can register a .rs domain name. It can be used for any kind of website.



List of Largest cities in Rio Grande do Sul:

1Porto Alegreportoalegre.rs – AVAILABLE!.
2Caxias do Sulcaxiasdosul.rs – registered.
3Pelotaspelotas.rs –registered.
4Canoascanoas.rs – registered.
5Gravataígravatai.rs – registered.
6Santa Mariasantamaria.rs – registered.
7Viamãoviamao.rs – registered.
8Novo Hamburgonovohamburgo.rs – registered.
9Alvoradaalvorada.rs – registered.!
10São Leopoldosaoleopoldo.rs – registered.!
11Rio Granderiogrande.rs –AVAILABLE!.
12Passo Fundopassofundo.rs – registered.
13Uruguaianauruguaiana.rs – registered.
14Sapucaia do Sulsapucaiadosul.rs – registered.
15Bagébage.rs –AVAILABLE!.
16Cachoeirinhacachoeirinha.rs – registered!
17Santa Cruz do Sulsantacruzdosul.rs – registered!
18Guaíbaguaiba.rs – registered.
19Bento Gonçalvesbentogoncalves.rs – registered!
20Erechimerechim.rs – AVAILABLE!..
21Santana do Livramentosantanadolivrament.rs – AVAILABLE!
22Cachoeira do Sulcachoeiradosul.rs – AVAILABLE!
23Alegretealegrete.rs – AVAILABLE!
24Esteioesteio.rs –registered!
25Santo ngelosantoangelo.rs – AVAILABLE!
26Ijuíijui.rs – AVAILABLE!
27Sapirangasapiranga.rs – AVAILABLE!
28Santa Rosasantarosa.rs – AVAILABLE!
29Cruz Altacruzalta.rs –registered!
30São Borjasaoborja.rs – AVAILABLE!
31Lajeadolajeado.rs – AVAILABLE!
32Venâncio Airesvenancioaires.rs – AVAILABLE!
33Camaquãcamaqua.rs – AVAILABLE!.
34Farroupilhafarroupilha.rs – AVAILABLE!
35São Gabrielsaogabriel.rs – AVAILABLE!
36Vacariavacaria.rs – registered.
37Carazinhocarazinho.rs – AVAILABLE!
38Montenegromontenegro.rs – registered.
39Taquarataquara.rs – AVAILABLE!
40Campo Bomcampobom.rs – AVAILABLE!
41Parobéparobe.rs – AVAILABLE!
42Canguçucangucu.rs – AVAILABLE!
43Santiagosantiago.rs – registered.
44São Lourenço do Sulsaolourencodosul.rs – AVAILABLE!
45Itaquiitaqui.rs – AVAILABLE!
46Dom Pedritodompedrito.rs – AVAILABLE!
47Rosário do Sulrosariodosul.rs – AVAILABLE!
48Osórioosorio.rs – AVAILABLE!
49Estância Velhaestanciavelha.rs – AVAILABLE!
50Canelacanela.rs – registered!