Expired .AI Domain Names with Backlinks

A list of expired .AI Domain Names:

The expired domains are a great resource for finding high-quality domains that can stand the test of time and prove to be highly profitable in the future, and especially with .AI domains.

Artificial intelligence is already all around us, within devices we use every day, it is bound to grow as one of the most important technologies of the future, and as such, any relevant domains will grow in value. Consequently, both now and in the near future, different companies and startups will be looking for new and creative domains with .AI domain extension to present their innovative AI products by online means.

The main advantage of expired .AI domains are that all you need to do is register them now with the nominal registration price instead of an aftermarket or premium domain auction. Take note that these domains already have a certain page rank and visitors traffic, and as such are worth more than the base registration price from the get-go.

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Checked Domain Name Age MOZ RDL❓ MOZ Links❓ MOZ DA❓  
2020-02-20 yili.ai 1      
2020-02-20 voicebook.ai 1      
2020-02-20 tvos.ai 2      
2020-02-20 trawiz.ai 1      
2020-02-20 qordoba.ai 1      
2020-02-20 lowes.ai 1      
2020-02-20 leica.ai 1 1 1 4
2020-02-20 lingdao.ai 1      
2020-02-20 mentorbot.ai 1      

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The ccTLD .ai is the domain name extension for the British territory in the Carribean, Anguilla. It is offered to public registration as it is popular in the IT industry because it is more popularly known as Artificial Intelligence and that’s a buzz word at the moment.

Companies and Individuals are purchasing .AI domain names to represent their artificial intelligence applications.

AI literally translates into LOVE in Chinese.  There are still many high quality .ai domains available to register. Registrations within off.ai, com.ai, net.ai, and org.ai are available unrestrictedly.

.AI Registration Period: Minimum 2 years

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