How to make an Amazon Affiliate Website 2018 With WordPress, WooCommerce and Woozone

Among many ways to earn money online, Amazon affiliate websites are relatively easy to build, and if you make a creative presentation, will enable you to earn commissions money from every sale.

I would like to make a note, that though the commission is usually around 1-3% if you make a few sales per day with high ticket items, you will be making decent average earnings.

For beginners wanting to get into affiliate websites business, Amazon has great benefits because it is easy to start so you will be learning the basics fast, the way from start to profit is clear and straightforward, it will enable you to broaden your products offer fast and easy if needed.

With that in mind, I must emphasize how important it is to present products with additional information and product review available. Review content should be informative and educational for the visitor, and consequently, the social aspect of the review will entice the visitor to purchase.

The website should be considered as a project which will need an investment of time and effort, for it to grow. It would be best to offer products about which you are knowledgeable, even something you are passionate about, and you can give additional information or recommendation with regard to current trends in that field, so the visitor can be sure he is at the right place.

After you have decided on the specific niche on which you want to build your website, it would also be wise to research the keywords that are important, so you can later build content on the website, using them for better SEO. More on Keyword Search in the guides section of Dooot website.

Creating an affiliate website actually is not that complicated, but some basic features need to be covered

  • First, we need to register a domain name for the website (if we do not have one already).
  • Second, we need to buy a hosting plan with preferably unlimited or large data bandwidth, so we are not limiting the number of products our visitors will be able to look at. I would advise you check Discounts and Codes section of our website for some bargain domain and hosting offers.
  • With that out of the way, I will presume you have directed your domain name to your website hosting that has the WordPress platform pre-installed, or you have done it yourself using the hosting cPanel. Next, you should pick one of the recommended Amazon Affiliate themes for your website, and install.

A plethora of plugins are available for WordPress, but I will recommend a few with a short description:

  • WooCommerce – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates
  • WooZone Contextual – Amazon Advertising Plugin
  • ADF – Amazon Discount Finder for WordPress
  • Revolution Slider – image slider with ton of adjustable features
  • Yoast SEO – optimize content for improved search engine rankings
  • Pretty Links – link cloaking plugin what will hide Amazon links with your website
  • WP Review – in-depth product review posts
  • W3 Total Cache – content caching plugin for large websites
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Homepage content

The homepage is your storefront, the first thing your website visitor will perceive. The homepage needs to communicate clearly what product niche your website is about. Basically, it should contain a website menu, some featured products that you want to emphasize, basic information about your business (logo, company name …), while providing links to product categories and product search. Image slider on the homepage can highlight a certain important product, review or another kind of relevant post from your website. Perception matters, so you need to balance the amount of information on every page – make the website look clean.

Adding and managing products

The time when you had to use affiliate codes to display every single product on your affiliate website is over. Woozone and Woocommerce plugins will enable you to have an easy job of managing and adding products to your website. By creating product categories and using tags, you will display products on your website in relevant categories, or you can mark a product as featured. Plugins will enable relevant Amazon reviews and comments to be available also.

Content presentation quality importance

Again, we have to say that the content presentation quality will entice the visitor to make a purchase, so it is imperative to write in-depth review posts about products. The review should point out the benefits of the product, if possible it should connect a personal story, and display additional information the Amazon product description did not have. For the review to be unbiased, it should also include any product shortcomings.

Another engaging and informative type of post, that visitors prefer, is the comparison post. With this type of post you should again talk about the benefits and shortcomings of the product, while also, you should present in which situation exactly is one better than the other, or when it performs better.

Guides and “how to” posts can drive additional traffic as they offer much more than basic product specification. This kind of posts should be aimed at the target market niche you have selected for your website, and even if it does not mention a certain product it will be beneficial to your website search ranking and organic traffic.


Starting an Amazon affiliate site can be quick, but building a successful one will take a lot of time and work. Nevertheless, with enough effort and passion, even a beginner can build a profitable online business.