Keyword Research in the process of narrowing down your website niches – SEO

Any website has to be considered as a constant work-in-progress project. With the website targeting a certain audience, so will the website have to incorporate a large number of different keywords into the content presented, as they are important for the website search engine optimization. Knowing the niche audience with whom your website is communicating, you probably already have a certain basic number of keywords in mind.

Most of the traffic for your website will be coming from related search results, done by visitors, who eventually got your website as the search result. That is why we need to step into the visitor’s shoes and search for relevant keywords that will drive traffic to your website.

The process involves these steps:

  • Choose a small number of very relevant keywords for your website niche. These keywords need to satisfy certain conditions: how relevant they are to your website content, how happy will visitors be with your presented content, and will this content entice visitors to interact or visit your website again.
  • Search for these keywords in major search engines. This will give you insight into what is the competing websites ranking with search engines. Extract additional keywords from high search ranking websites, and search for them, noting which keyword search has multiple search ads above or on the side of the organic search – which means it is a very profitable keyword that has a high conversion rate.
  • Use Google Keyword Tool for extracting additional keyword information. It will provide search volume data the keyword is getting per month. “Get Ideas” function will provide additional keywords on the “Keyword Ideas” tab. High keyword search volume should translate in at least a few sales per month.
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keyword research

Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner tool is now a common tool for SEO keyword research. The proposed keywords and estimated search volume are represented by total searches. With regard to your current website search ranking and click-through rate, real visitor number will generally be smaller and should rise with your search ranking.

With the data you have collected, you should now have enough information to determine the value of the selected keywords. These keywords should be integrated into your website content, but they can also be used for specific marketing purposes like targeted ads and will lead to a certain number of visitors and conversions.