500+ New gTLD Agreements Signed

During a recent webinar, a question was presented about what kinds of negotiated developments to the typical New gTLD Registry Understanding template happen to be agreed upon thus far between ICANN and registry applicants.

As of 12 September 2014, ICANN has carried out 515 New gTLD Registry Deals. Throughout the last year, dozens of applicants have requested changes to the normal Registry Agreement contract template, and ICANN has participated in significant talks and dialogues in a attempt to comprehend the legal or commercial reason, motivation and reasoning behind these requests.

The Newest gTLD Registry Understanding was adopted just after extensive consultation and discussion using the whole of the ICANN community. It originated through the ICANN multi-stakeholder model, with wide-ranging community responses and public opinions from various stakeholders, including discussions between ICANN and a Registry Deal Dialogue Team comprised of volunteers in the Registries Stakeholder Group, the Brand New TLD Applicant Group, the Brand Registry Group and individual applicants. The procedure comprised the appointment of multiple drafts that were subject to public comment periods, supplying the ICANN community with numerous chances for feedback and opinions.

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