Where did all of the core files come from


I was recently surprised to see that my wordpress install folders have swelled up in size like anything. I have 3 installs of WP and I noticed that in the root of each install there were dump files with a name pattern “core.*” and with sizes to the tune of 12MB each.
core files come from a core dump. A core dump can happen for lots of reasons, but in shared hosting it generally occurs if:

1. Your site software is not compatible with the latest server software versions.

2. The server software itself was/is having issues.

  • – Check the content of the core dump files for clues. It is probably because one of your binaries (i.e. unzip, imagemagick) is not working correctly. If the core files point back to php, then it could be a a memory limit problem, a g2 bug, or a php bug.
  • – Try a clean install of WordPress (delete all old files, re-upload, new, empty database). Make sure you backup your blog (export all posts and also back up the database).
  • – ( System Administrator ) –  You can stop core files from being produced as a result of suPHP and Rlimit stoppages. In /etc/init.d/httpd at the top of the file you’ll see the ulimit command line. Add a “-c 0″ (slash-c-zero) to the line:
    Code:ulimit -c 0 -n xwhere the x above is the number previously assigned by your Rlimit script. That should stop core dump files