How to secure and speed up wordpress


1. Choose a good host

If you plan to run reliable wordpress website, managed WordPress hosting may be a good choice.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

  1. Server is modified specifically for WordPress.
  2. Pre-tuned systems mean you don’t need to worry about server optimization.
  3. Automatic updates. You never have to hassle with installing another update or worry about running an outdated or compromised version of WordPress.
  4. Built in snapshots that ensure that you always have backups in case disaster strikes.
  5. Built in development tools simplify staging and testing new features.
  6. Integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) systems that ensure maximum performance.
  7. DDoS protection & site monitoring

We recommend Managed WordPress hosting the same that we use:  ISTanCo managed wordpress hosting.

2. Choose a fast theme

WordPress abounds with theme possibilities, both totally free and paid. To have a theme that performs properly, make sure that it is not heavily dependent on photos. Even though photos appear wonderful, they also slow down your site. One more point to look for is a theme with a CSS design and style.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says it perfectly – Nobody wants to look back and wish they had spent more time waiting for a website to load.

This site using MoneyFlow theme  and we love how it highlights the content while having the options to place ads on strategic locations. And of course this theme is very fast.

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3. Use an effective caching plugin

WordPress caching is the fastest way to improve performance. WPRocket Cache is one of those plugins that you  must have installed.  WPRocket Cache takes a real-time snapshot  of every Page, Post, Category, Link, etc. These snapshots are then cached intuitively, so they can be referenced later, in order to save all of that processing time that has been dragging your site down and costing you money. More info:

4. Disable wp cron in wp-config.php

Evidently there is a huge problem with wp-cron being spawned multiple times which will overload your server. More info: How to disable wordpress wp-cron

 5. Install security Plugin

iThemes Security takes the best WordPress security features and techniques and combines them in a single plugin thereby ensuring that as many security holes as possible are patched without having to worry about conflicting features or the possibility of missing anything on your site. More info:

6. Use CloudFlare

CloudFlare is designed to accelerate and secure any website. In general I find it to be great for both performance and security. More info: