Locate and replace text across an entire WordPress web site

There are times when you might have a site that has 500 posts, and you made a decision to switch your domain name and write-in images were being used by you for your own thumbnails in the field that is custom. Now you have an enormous problem as you have to go and replace each picture URL to the new URL.

Or lets say you spelled something wrong and 50 posts were written by you. For example WordPres instead of WordPress. Now you can not maybe go search only S.’s  to change.

In this post we will show you how you can locate and replace text with just one click.

Search and Replace Plugin

is  an easy search for find strings and replace the string. It’s possible for you to search in ID, post- opinion content, GUID, title, excerpt, metadata, comments, – comment writer, – remark email, -url, tags/groups and categories-description.

  • First go to your own WordPress Admin Panel and click on Plugins ” Add New
  • In the “search plugins”  box type in the terms “search and replace”
  • We were looking for“search and replace” which happens to be the first plugin and we will click the Install link. A popup would appear on screen, in case you are sure you actually want to set up the plugin inquiring:
  • Click on the OK button and WordPress will download and install the plugin.
  • Click on “Activate Plugin”
  • Scroll down and  click on Settings  below “Search & Replace”
  • Follow the instructions to search and replace
This plugin changes your database ! You cannot undo any changes made by this plugin! Thus, it is recommended you backup your database.