Interesting Domain Stats You May Not Know


  • The world’s first registered domain name is registered in March 15, 1985 which is the oldest name in the world.
  • According to VeriSign reports, there are more than 195 million global top-level domains.
  • 53% of searches for legacy TLDs came back as unavailable for registration. The same was the case for 44% of new TLDs.
  • According to world Guinness’s book, website: is one of the most expensive domain names with the selling price up to $7.5 million. However, there are many business fields which help to bring a mountain of money for its owner. The most expensive names are usually relevant to sex, gambling and money.
  • The Fascinating Domain Story Of
  • In 2002, USA poetry association gave a prize for a website, but it lost domain name after its owners forget for renew it. Anyone saw randomly notice: “You’re fired” when accessing into this website. This domain name is renewed immediately and all content are transferred Chinese gambling website and something else.