How to register .TW domain

Currently, application for .TW domain registration could be made online to avoid the review of documents in hard copies. However, respective applicant shall still comply with TWNIC requirements.

If you are foreign individual or foreign firms
For application, please visit ( for reference and service.

.tw, the official Taiwanese Internet address is OPEN to the world. Businesses, individuals and organizations everywhere have an unprecedented opportunity to gain entry into one of the most dynamic commercial centers in the world.

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By registering your .COM.TW, .ORG.TW and .IDV.TW domain name you will:

  • Secure a ‘localized’ presence in Taiwan, while expanding your international presence
  • Introduce your business to a potential customer base that exceeds 23 million people
  • Expand your business into the newly accessible Taiwanese marketplace
  • Safeguard your brand name and corporate identity in Taiwan, which was recently appointed to the World Trade Organization (WTO)