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Finnish fi-domain name celebrates 30 years

Finns have been able to use Finland’s own national domain name ending with .fi for 30 years. FICORA has operated the domain for almost 20 years after the administration of fi-domain names was transferred to FICORA in 1997.

The first Domain Name Act in 2003 was an important milestone. “The Act loosened the regulation on issuing fi-domain names. At the same time, FICORA introduced an automated domain name service. FICORA also gave up the preliminary investigation of domain name applications,” explains Juhani Juselius, Head of Fi-Domain Names. Another important turning-point occurred in 2006 when private persons were invited to apply for domain names.

Saturday 17 December marks the 30th anniversary of the national domain name of Finland, .fi. FICORA has issued fi-domain names since 1997.