Domain Extensions

Country specific domain extensions are returning once again to the fore front. In many countries the awareness and value of the specific Country-Code Top-Level Domains has risen considerably. This has been reflected in the growing number of ccTLD registrations and also the rising sales values of these domains. The country code for the United Kingdom, .CO.UK, is currently the leader in the ccTLD market. Sales registered this year for this premium ccTLD have included 120K GBP and 87.5K GBP. We have also seen steady interest in other domain endings such as .TV (Tuvalu), .EU (European Union) and .ES (Spain).

Other ccTLDs also had reason to celebrate: Russia (.RU) and Switzerland (.CH) both reached 1 million domain registrations this year. Aflilias the registry for .INFO domain names reported that the 5 millionth domain registration mark was also surpassed in 2007. The Chinese .CN ending also recorded a notable increase in registrations.