Domain Authority – a modern metric measure for domain name power

With search engines getting “smarter” and more powerful, the time when one could quickly increase a website search ranking, is nearing an end.

Finally the quality of the content presented, with time and effort invested into design and social elements such as online communities, will be the key elements needed for a website to obtain a decent search ranking.

Domain Authority definition

Domain authority is a composition of algorithm scores, originally developed by SEO gurus at MOZ, is used to measure the strength of a domain name and is one of the key SEO attributes today.

It base parameters are determined by the age, popularity, and size, though we can take into account also the diversity of back-linking domains, and come up with a score ranging from 0 to 100. A new website will have 0, while a well established high authority website can have 80/100.

Domain Authority intended purpose

Companies working in the online marketing value the domain authority score as a metric tool when considering the quality of a website. While it describes the specific website relevance for a specific subject area or industry, it is hard to influence directly, and it enables us to determine how competitive a website is by Google standards.

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This comparison is very relevant when considering website-listing in contemporary SERPs, as the website needs to outperform competing websites.

What are the correct ways to obtain Domain Authority

We must note that domain authority will not be influenced easily, as it is comprised of many different parameters. However, it is possible to obtain it if enough time and effort are invested in overall website SEO, original content and presentation quality etc. Off-page SEO is one of the crucial parameters, and it demands to remove bad while adding more high-quality backlinks.

Bringing high-quality backlinks to your website means having them from another website that already has a high domain authority and is relevant to your industry or niche audience.

Final thoughts

The key to obtaining higher domain authority is understanding that there are many factors which contribute to the metric, including competing websites. So if the competition is agiler and improves more dramatically, they will have higher domain authority because they have invested more into their overall SEO.

Publishing high-quality content will enable your website to become the authoritative source in a specific niche. Now is the best time to invest in your website domain authority.