Awstats report send via email


Is it possible to get Awstats to send a monthly report with some basic stats  to Email?
Script to send last months AwStats report to an email address:

This scipt will run on a web server with CPanel.  It uses the CPanel  system to log in and get the report page from AwStats for the previous month.

To use this script:

  • – change the strings located in the first block of code to match  information for your domain and CPanel account.
  • – Install the two script files into a location on your web server outside of the public html area (you don’t want someone accidently seeing the account details).
  • – Then set up a cron job to run the php program sometime after the first of the month. The command for the cron job might look like:php -q /home/userid/scripts/stats.php
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Based on a script from Ronan Magee (ronanmagee on the forum)
Modified by David K. Goodwin (dkg2000 on the forum)