What spells business better than a .INC domain?

Both an established corporation or a small startup company would have to face the fact that a perfect matching .COM domain with their name was registered during the last decade 20th century, long before their corporation ever existed.

March 27, 2019, the .INC was officially launched. This essential domain ending for businesses around the world is operated by Intercap Registry Inc. aiming to meet the demand for an intuitive domain ending that quite literally “means business.”

Who should choose a .INC domain for their website?

Relatively cheap .COM, .NET, .INFI and other gTLD domain registration are available to every single person on the planet, and with these top-level domains the number of fraudulent or impersonation websites is rising, thus making website visitors paranoid of such websites.

domain extension tailored for corporations and companies who mean business

Companies that want to be taken seriously, with a website that inspires customers’ confidence truly need a strong and stable domain name, and with .INC domain they can finally get it.

The .INC domain extension is tailor-made for corporations and incorporates, and it can help clients know they can ‘buy into’ you and your organization, whether you’re an established corporation or a startup looking to take on the market heavyweights.

By avoiding .COM and registering .INC domain name you will be able to get the perfect match, a short and memorable domain name for your incorporate with one other significant benefit.

The .INC is delivering unprecedented value to businesses through their extensive naming options and free member benefits.

Gain instant credibility with a .INC domain

Yes, the .INC domain name registration is not as cheap as .COM or similar generic top-level domains, your domain name will communicate serious business commitment, your business is the real deal. The .INC domains are aimed and priced for businesses, and domain investors.

The relatively steep price for domain registration eliminates cybersquatting and pre-owned domains from private sellers or domain brokers which can significantly over-price a domain name to make a profit.

Join .INC club and reap member benefits

The included member benefits are worth well over $2,500 with resources aimed to grow your business from reputable partnered industry-leading brands such as WeWork, Square, Intuit, Google Ads, Delta Air Lines and more.

Finally, there is a domain name that will help you launch your company with a vision of building long term value, trust, and credibility.

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