Web Tools that will make your life easier!

While you have been engaged with developing your website and focusing on the content or the business itself, there may have been released a number of new web tools that you have missed, while they could make your life considerably easier.

Google Duplex

It is a known fact that now the artificial intelligence software progress can be recognized throughout every single industry. For the website development and online platforms, it is most notable in the form of different kind of chat-bots and assistants. While chat-bots are essentially limited to exchanging text messages with clients, the voice assistants are their much more evolved brethren.

Google Duplex is one such voice assistant designed to talk directly to humans and offer customer service. Recently it has accomplished a daunting task of booking appointments and reservations with human customers who could not tell the difference if they were talking to a human or a AI. It will be an integral part of the Google Assistant. A specific kind of business may benefit greatly from integrating one such assistant into its software platform.

Google Data Studio

The Google Analytics is a free or paid service that enables you to track and asess your website performance, though communicating the data to your coworkers and company members may be a bit flawed. This is where Google Data Studio comes in. It will enable you to create reports with clear and functional charts and graphs, instead of infinite rows and columns of data, that can be easily shared with other company members. Spotting and analyzing a business weakness or a trend will impress your team and it is a very good addition to your web-tools arsenal.

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It may look a bit awkward, but some businesses rely heavily on their Instagram to convey a visual story about their product and make a profit. For them, the appearance of their Instagram is very important. The Planonly free app can offer tremendous help and make your life easier by providing schedule for your posts, preview of how it will look, and offer additional analysis. All of these features are a part of the basic free app, while there is a paid service option for deeper analytics and strategy.


Having a website means you have provided it with hosting, and for some of us die-hard internet veterans, when a large file transfer is needed, setting up an ftp (file-transfer-protocol) server may not be a challenge. However, for many of the average website owners it is an unnecesary complication. As a simple and convenient solution WeTransfer online service is enough to do the job. WeTransfer offers a free service with up to 2GB file size, which I am sure is enough for 99.5% of the people who use it. WeTransfer communication about an incoming file can be sent as an email or via a link. Yes, there is an option for paid service, and it includes additional option to put a password on your link access. The paid service will ensure your data is deleted after a designated time, which is crucial for sensitive company or personal data.