How to use YouTube to drive traffic to your website?

When talking about website domain authority and enticing people to interact with your website, most of us think about the usual social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.). On the other hand, we neglect YouTube seeing it as a video distribution platform, though it can actually have a strong social impact and drive traffic to your website if your content presentation is engaging and creative.

What are the benefits of presenting your business or company through Youtube content?

YouTube is the second most powerful search engine in the world (behind Google), and your YouTube content can be found from within the platform itself. Additionally, YouTube videos are viewed around three billion times daily, while any video can receive comments, like or dislike by visitor meaning you are creating a community around your content and you can analyze the success of your video presentation.

YouTube content will be indexed inside the Google’s search engine results page, so you will be providing an additional online presence for your company or business. That means free additional exposure! YouTube videos are easy to share on other social media and they enjoy a worldwide audience.

Drive traffic to your website!

Your video content presentation should be aimed at one specific purpose – driving traffic to your website. Though a company presentation video may not go viral, you will not need an extraordinary number of views to acquire a benefit for your website.

Every video posted should communicate a clear Call-to-Action to the viewer, such as “click the link “ or “go to my website”, but also do not forget to make a strong statement to why they should be visiting your website.

The video description, while informative but not too long, as well as the channel header, should be the place where you give your website or website product page link. Again, it should be a clear Call-to-Action.

Finally, you can use the Call-to-Action Overlay (banner at the lower center of your video) to add another layer of communication to the visitor, though you will need to sign-up for YouTube ads to be able to utilize this function.

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YouTube is a social networking community!

Video content will get liked or disliked, but more importantly, it will be commented. Be sure to respond to comments in a timely manner, and do not forget that you can post additional links in those comments if needed, though be careful as excessive links posting can target you as a spammer and get you penalized. Commentary should be informative and helpful before visitors will click on it. Every link should have a good lead-in which will explain where the link leads and what the visitor gets should he click it. That way visitor is encouraged to follow it for more information.

Additional tips

While you want the visitors to recognize and associate your website and your YouTube channel, providing matching branding is of highest importance (channel logo, color scheme, channel art … etc.).

Social proof with comments and subscribers will make people curious about your channel and boost your growth further, so you should entice visitors to subscribe and comment your content. Holding occasional giveaway promo for subscribers with a comment on your video is a natural way to improve your growth.

To further optimize your videos, use keywords that relate to your website links and your business niche, while not being repetitive and spammy.

Final thoughts

To be able to drive traffic to your website always be sure you have linked your channel to your main website, or a specific relevant website page. While your video content should be informative, you need to give enough reason for visitors to click on the link to get further information on the subject. Be sure to use additional social media (Facebook page, Instagram.. etc.) to extend the reach of your video content, while you should encourage your audience to share it as well.