Trim your domain portfolio and make a profit!

Average domain trader portfolio will hold an excessive number of domains out of pure nostalgia, remembering the time when he had an amazing idea about a business and thus registered that great domain name.

These excess domains were very cool at that time, but one man can have only so much time, that many good ideas have never been put to use. A few examples of such domains can lead you to think why did that idea come in the first place, and what you should do with them now.

Why do domain traders hold a bulging domain portfolio?

The fact is, registering a domain name is easy and fast. Once you have a good idea of what domain you should register and why you can do it in a matter of minutes.

amazing domain ideas are everywhere

Impulse domain registration is the most common reason why domain trader has excess domains, and usually, it happens at a specific time of day:

  • Domains registered at 2 in the morning – after a fun evening with friends people can get some of the most unbelievable ideas for domain registration. After having a good night’s sleep these domains may not seem so great.
  • Domains after a brief moment of respite, for example, you took a shower and got an interesting idea for a domain, but you are busy so without much thought, you will register a domain, and later forget about it.
  • Short-term trend domain registration looks very good while the internet users search for them, but if you did not sell it in that small window of opportunity, then you have gained another excess domain.

Even if you did register these domains on an impulse and without much research, this does not mean there aren’t any that hold some value you could still be having something that holds a significant worth.

Turn your excess domain portfolio into money

A domain trader and domain investors are two separate business niches. One can be a domain investor while owning only a small number of domains that hold great monetary value, aiming at making a six-figure domain transaction.

domain flipping can help you hold on to a large domain portfolio

On the other hand, a domain trader may have a few very lucrative domains, but will also hold a large portfolio which needs to be renewed or trimmed from time to time, and low-value domain trades can help support domain renewal through a domain marketplace website.

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Just like with many other types of commodity, with domain names too we can say that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” While some of these domains may not be of use to you, another business may see value in them.

Create an account and list all of your excess domains with domain marketplace websites, such as Sedo, Flippa, Afternic … etc. Take note especially for Afternic, who can list your domain name on their sales platform and have it sent out to more than 100 different partners around the world.

Get your domains exposed to the maximum number of potential buyers and leverage the best practices others are using to maximize your sales potential.

Domains that you are not sure how valuable they are – can be listed as “make an offer” where an interested party would make their offer first and you can bargain for a better one.

exposure is an important issue for a domain you want to sell

For domains that you have a pretty good idea of what their average value is, you can set a minimum and buyout price.

Advertise directly at the domain level

You may not notice, but even a low-value domain might get an occasional visit from an internet user that is checking it is available and is their website build on it because domain names that are developed into a website will cost more.

Any domain name that you have not developed into a business niche website should hold a parking page with a clear “For Sale” sign, given that your domain registrar offers one-page parking websites for domains.

This kind of direct advertising will encourage a potential client to make an offer for the domain, and help you turn a profit on that unused domain.


Not all domain names you registered are equal and finding good ones that can make sales is a result of research and smart purchase. Ones that you registered with less time and effort invested will most likely become excess domains.

It’s possible to find valuable ones in your excess domains, but it takes some due diligence while a domain marketplace network can help you by letting your clients do just that – search through your portfolio and find them.