The .US domain extension contract extended for another 10 years

The USA country code .US holds a steady 2 million domain registration which is less than many internet experts expected since it was established in 1985. Compared to other ccTLD for countries with strong economic growth, this is barely scratching the surface.

The .US domain extension adoption

Part of the reason why domain adoption is low maybe that the registrants of .US domain names must be American citizens, residents or organizations with a local presence in the United States of America. On the other hand, it is the reason why spam and scam websites avoid using domain names with this extension.

However, the relatively low adoption of .US domain name with local businesses and companies may be much more because the US is the country that developed the early internet and the original generic top-level domains.

.US domain pperator is Neustar

Western businessmen still hold the highest regard for .COM domain (which is short for commercial) and view it as the default domain extension for business in the United States.

State of the .US domain name

News that on the June 28th the US government has extended its contract with the current .US domain extension operator Neustar did not come as a surprise, though operating such a domain extension with added third-level registration complexities and without any funding from government means that in the next 10-year period the operator will certainly push for higher domain adoption.

A major part of the two million domain registrations with .US domain is small business owners and the operator supports these small and medium-sized businesses with tools and resources to help business owners launch and manage their websites, including step-by-step guides on topics ranging from choosing a domain, to lead generation, to social media and SEO.

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Spirited use of the .US domain extension with a domain word hack is present with wedding websites. Engaged couples are encouraged to create their wedding websites on a .US domain, and grow it further later as their family domain.

Wedding website

Fact is, with a relatively low penetration on the domain name market, the .US domain extension namespace holds a lot of opportunities for a fresh, relevant and in-demand domain names for niche segments, special campaigns, and relationships.

Talking about domain extensions related to the United States, we must note ccTLDs for territories of the United States:

.as – ccTLD for American Samoa

  • .gu – ccTLD for Guam
  • .mh – ccTLD for Marshall Islands
  • .mp – ccTLD for Northern Mariana Islands
  • .pr – ccTLD for Puerto Rico
  • .um – Deprecated ccTLD for United States Minor Outlying Islands
  • .vi – ccTLD for United States Virgin Islands


Yes .COM will hold the highest value as it is a globally recognized domain extension, but for local and especially “brick-and-mortar” businesses .US domain adoption is crucial as ccTLD are favored by search engines in a local search.

The Neustar acquisition of the next 10-year contract will be followed with new campaigns aimed to grow, build and shape .US domain and create new opportunities for high-quality domain name registrations.