Smooth sailing through Google Broad core update storm!

Website owners are bound for stormy SEO waters ahead with Google announcement for a broad core algorithm update. The update is ongoing since September 26 and will be done in a few days time.

What is Google Broad Core update?

Broad core updates are changes to Google SEO algorithms with a broad number of small changes, not focused on any particular part of SEO.

This particular core update marks a second time that Google has announced and noticed webmasters in advance, which indicated the company is focusing on them.

Some websites will reap positive benefits from Google broad core updates, some will be impacted negatively

As expected, Google’s guidance regarding this update is the same as regarding any core updates:

  • Immediately notable effects are to be expected, with possible drops or gains in search rankings.
  • The core updates are “broad” which means that they don’t target anything specific, but are designed to improve Google’s systems overall.
  • The pages that drop in rankings aren’t being penalized; they’re being reassessed against other web content that has been published since the last update.
  • Focus on providing the best possible content is the top recommended way to deal with the impact of a core algorithm update.
  • Minor broad core updates happen every few months. Some websites might need the next update to not recover their search ranking.
  • Improvements are no guarantee for recovery. However, choosing to work on and implement any improvements to your website will have a positive effect on SEO recovery.

We would add that broad core updates may have a small to medium positive or negative effect on your website as Google changes its SEO formula, and as always content quality will be the key ingredient.

Google updates with search console

Website owners and webmasters can use search console to procure important data about their site performance. This data is reflected in:

  • General stats: The amount of traffic.
  • Search queries: What kind of search leads users to the website.
  • Top content: Which content is the most successful with your website.
  • Site audience: Audience demographics, devices they use to browser… etc.
  • Formats: Which search formats can your website offer.

The core update will give you a set of “fresh data” about your website, with some websites being re-evaluated which may not be a bad thing, as long as you are willing to go over the search console data and look for opportunities that can lead to improvement.

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With this new fresh data in the console provides users can now see data as recent as less than a day old which is a significant improvement. this improved data freshness allows you to better monitor and tracks your site’s performance.

website SEO is tied to Google broad core update

We would recommend that you use it to your advantage and addresses some important needs such as:

  • Use your weekend performance report on Monday morning – no need to wait until Wednesday.
  • Checking your website stats as soon as new data becomes available instead of days after.

Search console will now add time zone data to the report, which is very useful when you want to compare data to your local time zone.

One thing you must anticipate is that the “fresh data” may change a bit, after a few days, before being finalized. 

What is the expected period after which your website SEO will recover from Google broad core update?

Googles John Mueller didn’t mention it in his comments, but there are cases when rankings will return after a subsequent algorithm update.

This is because some updates tend to be overly broad, affecting sites they didn’t intend to affect, and after a fine-tune or update you your SEO will recover. If you see website SEO return after a core algorithm update, that’s because they pulled back on some of the changes.

Conclusion – what can we learn from these broad core updates?

To some webmasters who view every broad core algorithm update as being focused on quality, if a site loses rankings, they point their finger and say it must be a low-quality content issue.

broad core updates will lead to some website being re-evaluated

Another point of view is that these ranking drops are a matter of technical issues – your site is too slow, or your redirects have issues. Experts believe this is not what these core algorithm updates are about.

Again, Googles John Mueller stated more than once that website relevance is the key factor. If your website has lost rankings, it may be useful to investigate the relevance factors.