Small Businesses Website Builder from Google

Google data shows that a lot of businesses around the world still do not have an online presence in form of a website (albeit they may have a Facebook page or a Google+ profile).

While domain name registration has never been this affordable, developing a website is still a substantial expense, while a secondary option of developing your own business website takes a considerable amount of time, which again can translate into a kind of expense.

With nearly 60% of small business globally without a website, Google has decided to do something about it, and today we witness the birth of another Google service – a website builder. This new tool is a part of the free services at Google My Business and is, adequately, called “Website”, aimed at small business owners who want to create a simple but appealing website in a very short time.

To be able to use the “Website” service, you will have to fill out all the needed data in Google My business forms, while Google will automatically use this data for your website, and all you need to do next is pick a theme and add images/photos and text.

The business owners who are registering for Google My Business the first time will get an automatic invitation to create a suitable website using this service. For those that already signed-up to Google My Business, click “Manage Location”, and choose “Website” to start the process. Googles landing page that explains how the service works is another way to start.

Arguably, websites created without a domain name will be published with the domain structure, though having a website on a custom domain name is a much better choice. The published website will be updated with all the new data you input at Google My Business, with no additional interaction with user needed.

The WordPress (as the most popular) and other CMS software offers robust platforms for developing any kind of website, with a large plugin base which can help you create a diversified and beautiful website with enough time and effort invested. However, Google’s limited website builder, while lacking many features, provides a free and simple tool that can help you quickly create a website, and have one is better than not.

Finally, small business is provided a cheap ticket to online presence, though, any company that values having an edge over the competition, will find means to acquire a high-quality website development platform, custom domain name and rich website building software, to be able to stand out from the crowd.