Native apps out and Web Apps in! Clear win for domains!

Domains and apps effect on each other

Domain names become less valuable in the eyes of marketers with the rise of mobile device app usage. Suddenly, for any business, it was not that important to have a great domain name and website but to offer an app with the popular app distribution platforms such as iTunes and Google Play.

However, this year Chrome Developer summit is announcing a turn in the app delivery platform. With it breaks a new dawn for domain names. In the future when you need an app, instead of getting it from an app delivery platform, all you need to do is type the URL of the app in the browser. The website you visit will actually be an all-device-friendly progressive web app. It will adapt to a number of devices and display information properly.

The future is (progressive web) apps

We know modern websites are mobile-friendly, but this is taking website and app development to another level. PWA will enable this cross between a website and app, and make way for the future where it doesn’t matter what device, operating system, browser … and, yes, the will use a domain name.

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On the technical side, Google is in most part pushing the web development forward for everyone. They are working hard on tools design and development, collaborating with other browser vendors and developer communities. Once all browsers support full feature and functionality the world wide web will become the largest platform for app development and delivery.

According to Google experts, all of this will not come overnight. The transition can be expected in the next three to seven years.

The overall benefits of PWA against traditional native apps are substantial, from execution speed to greater interaction. Today every retail, cafe or beauty shop wants you to have their app installed in your phone which can be annoying. In the future all you will need is a bookmark with your chosen internet browser.

Progressive Web Apps will need domains to work. With them the domain industry will get a fresh wind in their sails!