The importance of keywords in a domain name

The times are changing and SEO is not what it used to be. To many domain traders regret, the value of domains with keywords is not what it used to be, but this does not mean the keyword domains hold little value.

Back in the day, having a keyword in your domain name was of high benefit to your SEO and you could ask a top dollar sum for transfer of domain ownership. What has changed?

Search engines and keywords

Fact is at that time there was not a lot of computing power behind a search engine and they had to base their search ranking calculations by evaluating simple domain name keywords. This means a well-though keyword domain name would bring significant benefit to a website search ranking. The thing that changed is search engines algorithms.

Modern search engine algorithms have vast computing resources behind them. Crawler bots sift through every text piece of your website, but not only that, they “read” text inside images and other media files.

What this means is that the modern search engine algorithm will have substantially more information about a website, which is gained through “content consumption” very similar to how a visitor would consume it.

Having that much information at its disposal, the search engine will be able to discern the nature of your website, from it’s business or industry niche to the target audience, links and backlinks so the leverage of one or two keywords in the domain name does not influence your SEO to a substantial degree.

The workings of SEO explained

Keywords with synonyms as well as acronyms in your content will have enough of an SEO benefit for the search engine crawler bot to know everything it needs about a website.

Why then we still witness companies bidding five or even six-figure prices for keyword domains?

Internet user and general keyword domains

We have been witness to one-word domain names which can’t be translated becoming highly valuable and recognizable because of the success of the software platform behind the domain name (Google, Instagram, Flickr … etc.).

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Such domains have acquired global renown and become keywords on their own because internet users recognize them instantly.

A general keyword domains still hold value for the same reason, because of the average internet user. For example, if an average internet user sees a domain name SHOES .COM they will instantly recognize that the website behind the keyword domain name offers shoes.

The search ranking benefits of a general keyword domain are negligible but to the account of a human factor these domains bring benefit being recognizable and easy to remember, and because of this the companies are willing to pay a hefty sum of money to acquire such domain.

keywords and synonyms are offer SEO benefits

General keywords domain trends

Registering general keyword domains is a trend most visible with the “original” generic top-level domains. Looking through current statistics, we can note some of the trending are:

  • Text
  • Insurance
  • Glasses
  • Wedding
  • Chain
  • Stadia
  • Assistance
  • Story
  • Blockchain
  • Edge

All of these keywords are relevant as the latest business, industry and tech trends, though this example is valid only for a short time as of next month other keywords may hold.

Google Trends Artificial Intelligence

In order to find relevant general keywords that can lead to keyword domains one of the best tools is Google Trends. Google’s training center offers free lessons on how to use their products, including this one.


Keyword domain value and importance is not what it used to be when looking at them purely from a search engine optimization point of view. Diminished SEO benefits are offset by the positive aspect of human perception.

Internet users are more likely to recognize that a short generic keyword domain is relevant to a certain product or service, and remember it. Because of this, well-thought domains with keywords are still a good choice for many businesses.

Having a keen insight into one of the trending businesses or industry such as autonomous machines, artificial intelligence or nanotechnology can lead to valuable domains. I hope we have sparkled you with a new interest in keyword domains.