How will Artificial Intelligence help improve website development?

Last Updated On: January 20, 2020

The modern tool that is revolutionizing every part of our lives is the internet. The modern internet is based on a number of services that we take for granted, which are, in most case served to us in a form of a website or an application.

Most notably with, the evolution of the apps and websites, we are encountering smarter applications with self-learning systems applied. Now, The Web is transforming itself like never before, and the AI has a major role in this process.

AI is transforming web development

One of the more obvious automated AI systems on websites are AI chatbots, or their newer counterpart, the voice assistant AI. Using them can automate the website interaction with client and collection of client data without human-to-human interaction.

The data collected can be used to generate a comprehensive design and development plan. Yes, this approach demands a platform that employs computer vision and image recognition, and other algorithms to be able to provide insight with data-driven analytics.





Web design with AI virtual assistant

AI assistant can create specific personalized content or websites with a particular layout, design, and branding, just by having the user answer a series of questions and extracting design data from these answers. This can speed-up the designing of basic website layouts and templates for any kind of developer.

A more advanced type of such AI assistants can provide automated photo editing skills to remove or create image elements. These kind of AI assistants are currently in the machine learning process, but we have been a witness at some amazing results recently.

Self-learning algorithms are redefining web programming

Building smarter apps and bots that use AI tech will become available, once these machines are trained and provided with basic functional data-set. On the other hand, developers skills will be very important in the training process of the machines, as they will then be able to able to produce better results.

Some current examples are aimed at front-end development, but they can be used to create code that will be able to modify itself, without human intervention.

Predicting parameters and software testing

Again, even with little or no human interaction, AI algorithms can test itself and predict the important procedures with software testing based on previously obtained data. Failure patterns can be detected and resolved faster than through the traditional means. This will enable developers to find more efficient ways of testing, identification, and code debugging.

Developers will have more time to focus on the perfection of the build, while AI assistant will be doing the highly complex testing and bugs resolving automatically. One of the current such projects is Microsoft AI Bug Finder.

AI assisting web analytics for SEO

Processing SEO data means going through crunching numbers a lot. While the web analytics tools can provide raw numbers data, the data interpretation is limited by the human analytic. AI can maximize this metadata potential.

AI insight will help discover weak points in the website construction or content, pointing the developer to a better design and development approach.

AI-improved future

Future AI is expected to be able to perceive implications between data that has not yet been considered, or the current human can not process in a natural way of thoughts. This will lead to self-improving apps and websites which can process data outside of the confines of the human mind.

Companies who gain such clairvoyance will be the next leaders of their industry and the world. Let’s hope they impact on the society by this kind of machines will be for the good of all of us.