How should you decide to renew a domain?

When the time comes to renew a domain portfolio, it is a big expense for both small domain traders and big domain brokers, hence, any domain renewal should be considered strategically.

Particularly those domain traders who manage a large domain portfolio with hundreds or thousands of domains, the yearly domain renewal expense could be as much as a five-figures dollar investment.

renew your domain registration in bulk

Drawing this thin line between the success and failure in domaining means understanding what criteria can enable you to find and renew a domain that will provide value to your domain portfolio, but also that it has the potential to be sold with a sizable profit.

Domain trader criteria to renew a domain name registration

Let’s discuss some means of recognizing domains that you should want to keep in your domain portfolio.

Has anyone inquired about a specific domain? Inquiries about a domain that you own will point to the best domains, hence the domains that received the most inquiries maybe your best ones. Naturally, you should be renewing these domains.

On the other side, if a domain you renewed for second-year registration had inquiries then it may be time to drop it.

How does a domain sound (when pronounced) and look (when typed)? Next are domains that look and sound good when spoken. It may take a considerable amount of time to hold on to such a domain until you get a suitable offer, meaning you should renew and hold it.

Brandable domains are evergreen! Brandable domains can be an interesting option for any company marketing campaign, meaning you should hold at least a limited number of such domains and renew them if your budget allows it.

These should be your major criteria when profiling the domains you own, but we can add some minor ones that can further help you with other domains that do not fall into these categories.

Other criteria that can help you decide with domains to renew

Use a search engine to “proof” a domain by typing a few first letters and see if auto-complete makes a match with the full domain. If it does then you should keep that domain as it is an often-used search term.

Check your domain with Google Trends to see how it trends, worldwide or in a specific region, and if possible compare it to one that you were able to sell. If it does trend the same or more than the one you already sold, then you should think about keeping it.

Keep notes about what were the predictions and overall circumstances that enticed you to register for every domain registered. Later when you need to decide if you want to renew a domain you can lookup these notes and compare to the current industry/market as criteria.

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Listing your domains with different domain marketplaces will give these domains more visibility, but you will also be able to track different data such as inquiries and views. This data coupled with WHOIS inquiries and direct traffic to the domain can help.

What happens if you let your domain name expire?

It is understandable that when you let your domain name expire, it will be taken back by domain registrar and again it will be available for registration by the general public.

However, some big domain registrars are aware of domain value and now it can be seen relatively often that a dropped domain name is auctioned.

In this case, I would note that while you dropped that specific domain, most likely you were not aware of aforementioned data (WHOIS inquiry, domain traffic … etc.) while a domain registrar was hence they did not release the domain back to its registry, but rather, now the try to profit by auctioning it.

renew your domains before they expire

Now I would like to mention some valuable tips for renewing your domain name portfolio.

How to get additional funds for your domain renewal budget?

Domain trading can be your full-time job or it may be a way to make additional income, but all the same, when the time to renew domains come you will need money. Are there any viable means of making a profit with your domain passively, which would help you renew?

Yes, renown domain registrars can offer a simple “parking page” for free, for your domain names that will show ads and make a small but significant profit.

Considering the average domain registration cost is ~$10 what your domain name needs to make every day is $0.03 while anything over that amount is pure profit.

Arguably, some domains you own may have higher organic traffic than others, but having such a revenue stream will help your overall budget for domain renewal.

Conclusion – should you renew a domain

The main strategy that will help you keep your domains is to thoroughly check them before you even buy them. This way you will have a somewhat smaller but high-value domain portfolio which is easier on your wallet when the time to renew comes.

If you just have to shed some domains, then I am sure the domain criteria which we have mentioned will help you decide which ones to renew.