How to develop your domain name into a website

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Springtime is an inspirational time of the year when natures wakes-up, meadows blossom with flowers, the daytime sun is longer and our energy levels are higher. The first half of the year is the time when we plant the seeds of our crops, with hopes for a rich harvest.

Same can be said for the domain names you purchased during this time, and now is the best moment to think about growing these domains into a full-blown website.

For the purpose of developing a domain name, you yourself can build the website.

What are the necessary procedures that will enable you to do this? These are the three key steps that will transform a simple domain name into a developed one:

  1. Build a website
  2. Build website traffic
  3. Build your website audience

How to build a website?

I would imagine that you will not burden yourself with developing every single domain name you own, but only the ones you ascertain as the ones that will benefit you the most. The chosen domain name’s target audience dictates the type of content which you will present on the website, though we can all agree that to build a website first thing you need to do is purchase hosting.

The cPanel Hosting offered by many hosting companies may include a simplistic website builder within this interface to quickly create a website from a set of available templates. This allows visitors to see some basic information while you continue to develop your website. Arguably this kind of website is very similar to a parking page, and you will need substantially more formidable means for building a website that can be developed.

Dirt-cheap alternative to a true website is the Site Publisher that is integrated into cPanel

One of the most popular content-management-systems (CMS) with vast plugin and theme library is certainly WordPress. Bear in mind that in order to have the option of using WordPress with your hosting, you must purchase such a hosting plan that includes WordPress deployment. If your hosting plan is one such, you may be presented with a 1-click WordPress installation button in your hosting control panel or you may need to contact hosting staff and let them know you want WordPress deployed.

If you are looking to build a website using free themes and plugins, then WordPress is your best choice because these assets are available in both free and paid form. Free WordPress plugins and themes can be used to make a fully functional website. Yes, the paid versions may include additional functionality, but for the purpose of developing a domain name into a website, you may not need any purchased ones.

Drag and drop visual website builder is a great choice for WordPress users who want WYSIWYG

Other CMS such as the Divi or Elementor can be used instead of WordPress. The Divi Builder is a true visual builder offering fronted website building using drag and drop, and the same can be said for Elementor which holds over two million active installs. The main drawback of such advanced editors is that they require purchase or paid subscription to the service, and will add the expense to the website development process.

How to build website traffic?

Once your website is published it is unrealistic to expect significant traffic within a few days or even months. This means you will have to work on increasing your website traffic.

First thing first, work on your website SEO. Choosing the right words in your website content will increase traffic quality. You should be aiming for traffic that will convert into some kind of engagement.

Your website posts value increases if visitors leave comments and interact with your content. Answer questions your visitors may ask, as these can lead to a greater amount of quality search traffic with visitors looking for that particular answer.

Social Media can be used to promote your website content and help people find it. Instagram is trending with young, while reports confirm middle age and older people are more present on Facebook. Pick one that caters to your target audience, or if possible stay active with multiple social networks.

Use Social Media to boost traffic

Fresh content is a major part of modern website SEO. Search engines love websites which produce relevant content regularly. A blog within your website will help you add new content. Old posts and content that did already bring traffic can be improved and updated so that it may be seen by a larger audience.

How to grow the website audience?

Returning visitors are your best and true website audience. Yes, some people do evaluate a site just by visual design alone, but visual design is only one side of the coin. What you need to do is offer in-depth content that will entice your visitors to come back again and again.

Written content, supported by photos, graphs, and illustrations is much better than plain text, we can all agree. Having content that is written by professionals in the field will definitely resound with your website audience.

content is the true king of all websites

However, if your website is not secure and you ask visitors for their email or other personal information, then your visitors may not be returning. Internet users are not comfortable giving personal information to websites without HTTPS. This means you will have to get an SSL certificate. On a side note, Google has confirmed that their search engine prefers secure websites, and those that have SSL will be favored in search ranking. Website security is an SEO factor and it will increase your visitor’s trust in your website.

Conclusion, grow your domain name value!

Developing a domain name into a website will lead to organic traffic and increase that specific domain value. Yes, it requires that you invest in hosting and producing the content which may require additional expenses, but in the long run, it will be worth it.