How to choose the best domain name?

Depending on the type of website you want to use it with, when choosing the best domain name, here are a few tips that will help you make the best choice:


A company website which will be used as a company presentation with the main purpose to offer contact and other information is best if the domain name is the same as the company name.

A product or a brand website may be the same as product/brand name or it may be a generic term for that type of product, but it must be catchy, memorable and easy to recognize – as it will be a part of the marketing strategy that is aimed to improve the product/brand strength.

The domain name should not contain keywords or location names if you are focusing on promoting the brand and not the location (good examples: Amazon, eBay, Google … etc.).

Words and keywords

Generic keywords in a domain name are not bad, but they need to be relevant to your industry or business niche. SEO wise they are not the most important part but they still hold the benefit of humans typing generic keywords into a search engine and leading them to your website.

Take your time with choosing the best short memorable domain name because after you register it the deed is done. Up to two medium size word is best, though even three short ones for the domain name is fine. That why most domain traders pre-register good word combo with a new domain, in hopes to resell them later.

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Unique and original domain names are the best choice. Research what the competition is using and be sure your domain name is not similar to any competing websites domain name. Choosing a domain name that is similar to another website may cost you your brand identity.

Ergonomic or human factor

Be aware that your domain name needs to be typed and pronounced. Taking this into account is very important, because a complex hard to type domain name may lead to low visitors count due to visitor typing error.

If the domain name that fits your needs best is already registered but a website is not built upon it, then contact the domain name owner and try to negotiate a reasonable price that fits your budget. It never hurts to ask, while a good domain name is like real estate – with time its value will grow.

Choosing the right domain extension is another story, which we can discuss in What is the best domain choice for a new website? article.