Hot summer picks for tech-savvy web user

The summer heat is on and we want to share with you a few very cool tools and resource utilities. These summer picks are aimed to help you with your browsing experience, browser organization or another really cool feature.

TooManyTabs for Chrome

Do you keep too many tabs open in your browser at any given time? I would imagine this is a problem with many browsers, but Google Chrome got the best solution yet. TooManyTabs is a Chrome extension that will help you organize your browser environment, by sorting tabs.

Tabs can be sorted by creation time, domain or title. Recently closed tabs can be previewed and restored. Why would you want to restore recently closed tabs? Because tabs eat a lot of ram memory and you closed it to gain back some of that ram and browsing speed. The extension creates a “buffer” area where tabs sit before they are brought back. They are visible but they use a lot less memory, hence your browsing experience is better.


Yes, we all know that Windows has an inbuilt screen capture, by using the PrintScreen button your current desktop will be saved into “clipboard memory” as an image, which you can Paste into Paint or any other image editing application.

However, it just may be that you have some valuable data in your clipboard memory and you are not willing to lose it just so you can capture a screenshot. This is when you need the Nimbus Screen Capture Tool. This handy tool can capture and share content from the browser through an extension available on various web browsers.

Using Nimbus you can avoid using clipboard memory, and you do not need an external image editing application to pull the image out of memory. Instead, Nimbus will provide a few different ways you can capture parts of the screen or whole web page, to a customized output specification.

Seterra Geography

Those of us with and the inquiring mind always on the look for new knowledge or a quiz will be interested in Seterra Geography. As the name suggests, it an educational geography game with over three hundred customizable quizzes. You will be able to challenge your knowledge about countries, flags, oceans and more.

Quizz exercises are aimed at providing you a change of pace and giving you a fresh and challenging way to compete with your colleagues or surprise your team at the next team building night event. High score list will help you keep track of all of your progress.

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We are not truly aware of just how much of our privacy is compromised. While we are online we share so much of our personal information, but the true problem is that we are not empowered to exercise our right to privacy. Most of the time we are digitally completely naked, but there are solutions that can help us regain our privacy.

The disconnect is a privacy and security software suite, integrated into a VPN service to stop other sites from tracking your web browsing and blocking third-party cookies. You will be able to control what scripts are websites running on your computer and protect your privacy.

Firefox Premium

Another option for better online privacy is Firefox Premium which is coming Fall 2019. The new “paid” version should be released by October, with integrated features such as VPN and secure cloud storage.

Talking about the cost of having Firefox Premium, early information suggests that the pricing model revolves around a monthly sub price of $10, while other sources indicate a small amount of free VPN bandwidth will be available as a start, while you will pay for a premium metered access again as a form of monthly sub.

A Soft Murmur

A lot of us are listening to music while we are working. Music is able to inspire creativity or energize us to square our shoulders and go hard at work. Ok, maybe not always, sometimes we are stressed or sleep deprived and do not need music, but a soothing sound of rain, waves crashing or even a soft murmur of a quiet coffee shop crowd.

Basically, we need to relax and that one special sound can help us do it and transport us into a relaxed state. For some of us, it may be an amazing way to calm ourselves before sleep after a long day at work. Whatever your reasons are, A Soft Murmur is the perfect solution and it allows you to create a personalized relaxing sound scheme.

Additionally, you can save sounds to your device and even give them an individualizes title.

Summer Picks Conclusion

We wanted to help you keep cool and out of the heatwave with these summer picks while your colleagues are on vacation. If keeping cool means having a better web browsing experience, then, in my opinion, we have hit the target dead center.

summer picks for tech savvy web user