Give your website content a springtime scrubbing?

Nature is coming into full blossom, while our energy levels increase with longer daytime and more sunlight in our lives. We have our windows wide open as we get down to the spring house cleaning, as we suddenly realize, our websites are up for a springtime scrubbing too.

Handled efficiently, this somewhat intimidating task can be done and provide means for your website to have a new sparkling gleam. Take the time to inspect and evaluate your websites functionality, user experience, and relevance. We will suggest a few ways you can wipe off the cobwebs that are holding back your website.

Revive your website with a new theme or design

Reinvigorating your website with a makeover, by changing the design with an overhaul or a fresh WordPress theme, will refresh your visitors perspective with your website. Visual overhaul gives you the opportunity to announce the website makeover and invite customers old and new to visit your website for a fresh new look.

While you may be overall satisfied with your website design, especially if you have been using that look for a very long time, it may well be that there new designs that are better tailored to your specific audience are available. This will influence your customers to spend more time with your website content as it becomes more exposed naturally.

WordPress users can choose from hundreds of well-made themes.
WordPress users can choose from hundreds of well-made themes.

A better user experience that is more efficient and user-friendly, provided with a new design, will surely induce benefits to visitor numbers and consequently increase profit.

Refresh your website content

Frequent content updates are essential for the customers viewpoint of your business. Even more so, adding fresh content has become an important part of your website SEO. Google spider bots will read your website content, the frequency at which you are adding it, and its relevance to your business niche.

Content management systems such as WordPress, Divi, and others can enable virtually anyone to add content to the website without knowing any coding or programming.

Always be on the lookout for fresh content!

There is no excuse not to have fresh and relevant content on your website, and spring cleaning time is the perfect moment to evaluate which content needs a refresh, and which additional content you can add to improve your website relevance.

Fix broken or bad links

As you are developing your website, over time, you will be adding internal links in order to inter-link relevant content, and I am sure you will also add links to off-page content albeit other websites or media content.

Links will accumulate and you may have removed some of the inter-linked content, or some of the off-page content has become outdated and unavailable, thus creating broken or bad links.

Web tools such as Dr. Link Check can help you identify broken links.

These bad links will have a negative effect on your SEO as search engine spider bots will not be able to properly crawl them, and they will definitely annoy your visitors. No one likes to be stuck in a dead end, so fixing bad links is imperative.

Audit your website security

How often do you ask for sensitive or personal data from your website visitors? Is your website secure? Are they comfortable with sharing this data with your website? If you already have security measures in place, if possible make an update to them, and do tests to make sure they are working properly.

The website that demands personal data from visitors, such as address, credit card number … etc. must be using HTTPS, with a proper SSL certificate attached. Again, from an SEO perspective, it is a known fact that Google prefers websites who offer added security with SSL. Check your options for SSL with your hosting company, as it may be possible you are eligible for a free SSL certificate included with your hosting package.

Check your website navigation from the visitor perspective

Something every online business owner must do is to try thinking like a customer and take a look at its website with a fresh pair of eyes as if you are a first-time visitor. This will enable you to make a usability test, by going through your website content, menus and hierarchy.

Looking for flaws with website navigation can expose weak points and help you understand how you can improve your website. Bear in mind that a modern website visitor comes from the mobile platform as well as desktop, which means you will have to test your website with a mobile screen that utilizes a smaller screen. Does the website provide the same level of usability on mobile devices? Is it responsive? If not then go back to the beginning of the article and start thinking about fresh website design or WordPress theme.

The responsive web design can make sure that your website will adapt to any kind of Internet browsing device.

Testing your website on desktop platforms inclines that you must use all the popular desktop internet browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari … etc. as they all display your website a little different. Errors in the display can lead to a dysfunctional website. If you are using a certain design or WordPress theme the issue may be remedied with a simple update.

Compare your website design, functionality and content to the competition

By working on improving your website design, functionality and content you will better your website. How far you will go and how much time you have to invest in it will largely depend on the ones you are competing with because you want your website to outperform them.

What is the competition doing, and how well is their website performing? Did they implement a new feature that your website is lacking? Can you improve your website by adding such elements?

Never try to copy and paste from your competition, but instead, try to be original and innovative. Copied content will be recognized by smart search engine algorithms and will only add relevance and authority to the website you copied, while your website will be labeled as a copycat and drop search engine ranking.

Bear in mind that I did not you can not get fresh ideas from the competing business, only that you need to be unique and creative in your own fashion, and incorporate these features seamlessly so that they are viewed as an integral part of your website.

To conclude, springtime is the perfect moment to add something fresh to your website and take out the trash

No matter what kind of website you own, visual and content overhaul, and added new features will give it means for a strong start this year around. Take this opportunity and surpass your competition while they are off guard.

Following our suggestions, you will improve your website no doubt.