Recent examples of a single individual registering and selling a domain name with a significant profit

Selling a domain name for a substantial profit is a dream come true for every domain trader. Early days of the Internet it was all about the waiting game. You register a keyword domain and wait for an offer that is to your satisfaction.

Modern domain trading is a bit different, but the Internet is growing and still, there are domains that are being sold for a hefty price. The first half of 2019 is nearly over and we can take another look at this year notable trades to date.

Recent domain trading examples

One of the best recent examples is Nursing .COM domain sale that highlighted last week with $950,000 domain price by Larry Fischer, and it is the second largest domain sale this year to date.

Domain extension choice will dictate your domain value to a degree

Another recent domain sale is Cooking .COM with $402,000 in May 2019, and again the trend is that .COM domains are the dominant force on the domain market. With early 2019 we did get one of the biggest and most probably the overall highest domain sale in 2019 to date, with $3 million for California .COM which does mark the trend.

Yes, this kind of .COM domains are really hard to get and require a substantial investment, even if you have money to burn because the namespace is almost completely saturated.

So which domains can provide an opportunity for a single individual to register and sell it for a substantial profit?

Very recent five-figure sale of the Park .IO domain with $68,000 price is no small feat for ccTLD. Seereisen .DE was previous top domain sale in that category with $66,640 a German to English translation it means “sea travel” and it is a very good example of a well-researched keyword domain that transformed into a profitable sale for the owner.

Country-code domains still hold a lot of potentials for a single individual to register and sell for a substantial profit. Carefully picked ccTLD domains will lead you to profit, and we would suggest investing with .IO domain names as these examples prove the point with Studio .IO sold for $20,000, Serramenti .IT $28,000 (“window frames” in Italian) and Week-end .FR at $11,300 at the lower end of five-figure sales.

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selling a domain name that is a new gTLD or ccTLD?

Bear in mind, while .IO is essentially a ccTLD, because of its similarity to Input/Output acronym I/0 (data exchange) it is very popular with tech and communication companies, and the namespace availability makes it on the radar of startups too.

Additional tips

New generic top-level domains did have a few notable trades with Business .CLUB went for $60,936 which is an amazing example, especially considering we can regularly see .CLUB domain registration on a substantial discount with NameSilo, DynaDot and other domain registrars.

On the lower side of ngTLD domains, we have Koeln .BUSINESS domain trade earlier this year at $6,780 and I would note as an intro for the biggest new generic domain sale this year.

Online games, free games and consequently online gambling business have their own footmark in domain trading market this year with a truly substantial sale of Free .GAMES domain sold for $335,000 in May 2019. This domain trade is a fantastic example of a trend we may yet witness, as .COM domain namespace is unavailable more and more companies will invest into ngTLD domains.

352 million active domain registrations in 2019


If someone asks you for an example of a million dollars domain trade, these may not be so common as before, but finding a ccTLD or a ngTLD domain sale with six-figures is an indicator of a positive trend with these kinds of domain names.

A single individual can make a substantial profit by registering a domain name and selling it later for six-figures. There is a need for high-quality domains as the Internet has grown to more than 352 million domain names in the first half of 2019, with more than 20 million new domains compared to first half of2017.