Domain investing on the rise in 2020

The back-to-school bells are ringing and those involved with domain investing are looking for what’s next as we acknowledge this year as the one that introduces new trends.

Optimistic predictions for the second half of 2020 and the summer season did include hopes for the Covid-19 pandemic to slow down almost to a halt in most parts of the world, but it proved to be more persistent than expected.

Businesses moving their business online

This development had a devastating effect on several types of businesses as they were not able to meet expectations in revenue and profit, while indeed, some did prosper and find new means to offer their services or products to customers, online.

Naturally, these businesses aim to get appropriate domains for their websites, which in turn induced an overall increase in the sheer number of domain registrations in the second quarter of 2020, and we do not expect this trend to turn until the end of year, but on the contrary.

Generic top-level domain investing increases

Domain registrar data shows a 4.3 percent increase in domain registrations growth compared to second quarter last year, again with .COM and .NET domain registrations holding major shares with roughly 150 and 13.5 million domain registrations.

.com domain registration increase

Compared to last year, that is over 11 million new domain registrations in the same period, most likely by businesses scrambling to move their business online and stay profitable in these troubling times.

It is worth noting that the new gTLD domains did lose around 600 thousand domain registrations (roughly 2%) compared to the same period last year, meaning that some domain investors did shed excess domains off their portfolio.

Two more new gTLDs were set to launch in 2020. The first one is .GAY which was originally planned for August 2020 but the launch was delayed until next year, possibly as soon as January.

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The second is .ZUERICH which has seen several setbacks since its earlier launch date in 2017. Now the launch is currently set for July 2020 but we will have to wait and see whether this delayed TLD gets off the ground.

Country code domains mid-2020

Looking over ccTLD domain registrations, it is unsurprising that .TK (Tokelau) holds the most domain registrations (over 19 million) as it is a “free” (for the first year) domain extension, though we are sure as such it is very attractive to scam and phishing websites and should not be considered seriously for a company or business website.

China (.CN) is still the second largest ccTLD with 18.7 million domain registrations, while Germany  (.DE) follows with a number of 13.6 million, and we can note that country code domains retain their local audience appeal.

The biggest ccTLD story in 2020 is still Brexit, as with the shockwave it produced any planned actions for .EU domains owned by UK holders have been put on pause, the potential Deal and any impact on UK domain owners.


No doubt the current economic downturn is challenging and we still have to weather the storm, that is the pandemic.

What this means for small businesses is they need to try and use the coming hardship to their advantage, becoming stronger, more agile and efficient, and very possibly moving forward into online space to stay connected with or find new customers. Consequently domain investing has its own space carved out in this fresh landscape.

In turn, we can expect all aspects of the domain industry to grow, from domain registrations to website hosting and development services, and infrastructure. Those that can provide any of these services will grow with them.