Do we know what is good online content creation?

Do we have to ask ourselves what is good online content? Yes, we all know what it is, but the question is can we describe it? For most people, it would be the usual words like interesting, creative, well written, enticing … etc. Good content is original, innovative and compelling. What that really means?

It means that good content will:

  • Present truthful, clear and precise information about the subject in question.
  • Provide value as the information is up to date (things can change over time), and will compel the reader to be interesting enough to keep reading to the end of the article.
  • Display a number of illustrations, graphics or pictures to help the reader visualize the information presented.
  • Provide links to references or renown authority websites.
  • Be written impeccably using a language aimed at the website audience.

Textual part of content must be shaped into paragraphs that will be presenting subtopics, with small titles in between if needed to divide different ideas, features or viewpoints on the topic or subtopic.

Search engines have advanced and now they can discern if your content is a copy/paste from another website, so you must provide original authored content or your website will suffer penalties in search ranking. If there is need to give a quote from another website, be sure to insert references giving credit to the source.

Finally, the content does not need to be overwhelming and too long or the reader may lose focus and leave. Average article length should vary from 300 to 500 words max depending on the type of article. People have changed and while their smartphone is ringing and messages and emails incoming they lack the patience to read a book, so the content must be presented with that in mind, or people won’t be reading even if it is well written.

Be sure that you have researched your content well. Various authoritative sources should also confirm the data you present so that you are sure it is valid. Content creation is a skill, not a task, so you will be getting better at it as you create more. Good content should lead to the final goal of a call-to-action that will explain its purpose.