Developer dream website extension available with .DEV

A lot of new generic TLDs provide original and creative domain extension that can be used for original and personalized website branding. This time around, developers are in luck, because of their dream domain extension .DEV has become available since February 2019.

.DEV is a safe home for any kind of development project

Besides providing an available namespace with the domain name that can fit your work perfectly note that .DEV is a secure domain for any kind of developer, ranging from software tools or platforms, programming and coding, to developer blogs. This is due to the fact that .DEV is run by Google Registry and it requires HTTPS with your website in order to work properly in the browser.

Who should register of .DEV domain extension and what it would be the common use-case?

Developers and dev companies who want to:

  • Showcase their work globally with an online presentation
  • Communicate to new customers
  • Improve their current marketing with a fresh, recognizable and short domain name
  • Own your perfect company domain name with .DEV
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Because the security requirements demand SSL certificate, we can recommend UniSSL from Uniregistry as the most practical solution to get your domain name up and running with your website. The Early Access Period is behind us and from February 28th, 2019 the .DEV domain is now in General Availability, meaning anyone can register one.

Take this opportunity for and create awesome branding for your current or future project!