Back to School with an Amazing Domain

August ended and for many it marks the end of summer, our attention turns away from beaches and vacations, and back to more mundane tasks at hand. Back to school means thinking about homework, school projects, and future careers.

It just may happen, that you will need to create a website during this school year, as a part of a school project or as your idea to show off your skills (portfolio) and appropriate domains to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

Guidelines for choosing a domain name for a school or student project

Apart from choosing a domain name to start a business, a student project or an online presentation choice for a domain will differ. Here are a few guidelines to help you while choosing.

cheap domain names for school projects

Domain extension choice for a business may be severely limited to .COM and a few industry-specific extensions (.AI for machine learning, .IO for generalized business startup … etc.), but a student can and should be creative with its domain choice.

Literally, hundreds of affordable and creative domain extensions can fit a student project and all of them will offer much better namespace availability than the most popular and saturated ones.

When thinking about the domain name itself, try using a combination of “projectname.(extension)”, “firstname.(extension)” or “firstnamelastname.(extension)”, with the latter one having the most chance of being available.

Additionally, a superlative like “best” can be added to increase chances of availability for domain registration.

Short-term student projects of low value should use cheap domains, meaning you can consider using a domain with low price for first-year registration (discount or sale periods) which is usually around $2 or even less.

Finally, if your project does not need to be accessed until Black Friday / Cyber Monday then you can postpone your domain purchase and get a deal for domain on the years biggest sale date.

Why a high school student would need a personal website?

High school students calendar is filled, while you are busy juggling homework, extracurriculars, a part-time job, and applying to college. To get into your dream school, you need to stand out from your competition.

Showing off your hard work can help you to get into a great college, by creating a personal website and presenting it all there.

Express your ambitions and highlight your expertise with a website

Contemporary competition between students is going international, as students travel abroad to get the best education possible. Make a website about you that you can share with colleges or scholarship committees, globally.

Create a website about your expertise, your passion. What are you passionate about? Photography? Design? Acting? You will be happy to know all of these have a dedicated domain extension – .design, .photography, .actor … etc.

content management system such as WordPress makes making a school project website very easy

On the other hand, you may choose a more general domain if you are a diverse person interested with more than one expertise, and in this case .ME domain extension would be perfect.

Is it possible to utilize only a domain, without a website?

The idea of having a domain without a website may sound silly at first glance, but it may fit a certain type of project. Specifically, a channel or a page with an online video and streaming platform would utilize a domain just fine.

Register an easy-to-use domain name that forwards to your YouTube videos? That will look much more impressive, and will allow you to include other information about yourself.

Many domain registrars offer free forwarding, so it’s simple to register one of these domains and forward it to your YouTube page. Potential coaches will be impressed by your domain, too.

Student project blog website

Blogs are a great way to show a school or college that you are enthusiastic about an idea or to otherwise highlight who you are.

You can use just about any domain you want and connect it to an easy-to-use content management system such as WordPress. The .BLOG domain extensions can be a great domain choice


Backing up your school or college idea with a website is an excellent idea. Remember that Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook as a school project, and now he is the owner of one of the Internet Giants.

The modern enthusiastic student knows it is not hard to make a website, all it takes is a bit of effort and a few very affordable resources.