Are Black Friday domain and hosting deals that good?

Less than a month and a half toward the end of the year and with holidays incoming most of the world are entering a sort of shopping frenzy with Black Friday, which comes much earlier than the Christmas holiday season.

Over recent times these shopping days have grown due to mobile shopping experiences as more people are shopping from the comfort of their homes.

Black Friday incoming

Black Fridays are the biggest annual shopping frenzy in the western part of the world, but since it has been adopted globally as eCommerce giants such as Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and such make a lot of money through online sales in this relatively short time.

Black Friday last weekend of November

Our shopping habits had a huge impact on Black Friday spending sprees and especially for tech enthusiasts, Cyber Monday is another important shopping day.

Such deals can be found for a domain name and hosting services too, but I want to ask you are the deals offered on Black Friday really any better? Is it worth skipping out on Thanksgiving with a family to shop Black Friday deals?

You see, the thing is that Black Friday shopping habit is based on the last Friday of November when people can start spending their next-month paycheck because their bank will give them credit.

Black Friday Cyber Monday hosting deals

In the domain industry, much like the last year, a slew of hosting deals is on its way, with these and more:

Only a company like A2 Hosting can offer anytime money-back guarantee because they are that confident in their service quality, and we can only recommend them with their Turbo Speed 20x hosting plans. I am sure their promo will attract a large number of interested clients.

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There is a reason why BlueHost is in our recommended list deals, as their services hold around 2 million websites under their belt. Praised for their secure service it also includes anytime money-back guarantee so you can ask for a refund anytime if you are not satisfied.

Siteground is another renown hosting provider with a recommendation straight from WordPress .ORG which is truly high praise.

Compliments in a similar fashion can be added to both NameCheap and WP Rocket too, but by now most of you are puzzled with the question are these deals really that good?

Is there a secret catch to Black Friday deals?

I do not intend to put it bluntly but no, there is no secret catch with Black Friday deals. While significantly cheaper, these deals are comparable to their regular price counterparts.

black friday shopping madness

Just like any service sale, hosting and domain deals are aimed to increase a certain service user-base, while the companies who offer deals are profiting with a much lower margin, aiming to recoup their losses in the long run.


A Black Friday – Cyber Monday deal is a great opportunity to save money on hosting or domain registration, but keep in mind these are all time-limited.

The deals list shown here is relatively short as it serves more of an exemplary purpose, while you will be able to find a slew of offers on domains and hosting on our homepage. We will keep updating coupons and codes as they become available to us.