5 web-app resources for creative professionals

The current global state of pandemic promotes social distancing, avoiding public places, and staying home. It seems that we have a lot of time at our hands, which would usually be spent in commuting or social meetings.

Because of this situation, we want to offer five interesting and unique web destinations that can provide resources, inspiration or a time sink during this period.

TravelCoffeeBook – photoblog

The “TravelCoffeeBook” is an amazing photoblog that enables both professional and hobby photographers to share photographs from their travels, and the published images are provided with Creative Commons license.

travel coffee book web-app

What this means is there is no copyright attached, and you can use them for your own projects no matter how small or big.

Additionally, the images published are amazing and can be a good resource for choosing your next travel destination.

TripIt – trip organization tool

The “TripIt” is a tool that will help you organize a trip. It alleviates the need to go through your email inbox to find the correct confirmation, you can keep all your reservations in order with the trip planner app.

After you forward your hotel reservation,r flights, and rental car bookings, TripIt automatically creates a complete itinerary. Best of all, the app is free for iOS or Android.

PostCron – social media schedule

The “PostCron” is a web-app that allows you to schedule social media posts, like pictures, videos, or stories. Since we are given a lot of “free time at home” planning your social posts now (ahead of time) gives you the flexibility later to be present and dive into your business.

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Arguably, if you are planning a vacation, you can use it to remain “active” with its “Predefined Publishing Times”. By utilizing specific posting peaks efficiently, you can enjoy your vacation this summer.

CallToIdea – inspirational web-app

The “CallToIdea” platform is a tool for designers who need to find inspiration for a specific need or project. This web-app was developed by designers and for designers, with true passion and without profit in mind.

Images shown are chosen very carefully by a select number of designers, to provide creative professionals their “daily inspiration fix”.

Mural – infographic tool

Next-get infographics displayed at websites must be interactive, and “Mural” can help you create one with very little design knowledge because it is a very complete software tool with many premade elements.

Teams can use it to collaborate more efficiently, express ideas with smart inking, and draw freely when creating an infographic.

Because it keeps everybody in the loop by reporting on the progress of a project, it can be considered as a digital workspace for visual collaboration.


We hope that we have provided a number of interesting and useful suggestions for your daily online activity, and help you pass the time in an efficient, creative and productive manner.