5 Awesome Website Backlink Checkers Free and Paid

One of the more recent major SEO changes is that search engines no longer rank up your website due to backlink quantity, but by quality, meaning you should be wanting a lower number of high-quality links to and from websites.

If you pay attention to the second part of the previous sentence you will note that links coming to your website are now in the calculus too. Question is, did you check where your site’s backlinks are coming from?

Besides helping your site search ranking backlinks also drive traffic

The main premise of a backlink is that a link from one site to another makes them relevant to each other, while the evolved bots of search engines can also discern if both websites are aiming at the same audience, same business, or industry.

Links from relevant websites within the same business or industry, and aiming for the same audience are of better quality, and as such provide more benefit.

Consequently, links from malicious, suspicious, or spam websites will have a negative impact on your site SEO.

We can all agree that you should do a checkup on your website backlinks from time to time, and we would suggest a few free and paid tools for this task.

One of the best tools on the market is SEMRush 

The SEMRush is our number one recommendation as it is both one of the best keyword research tools, but it can also be used to analyze backlinks.

Backlink checker section is pretty straightforward, as you log in to your account, select Backlink Analytics and type the domain name you wish to check.

check your website backlink with semrush tool

Additional information can be found under different sections through this overview, by clicking the link of a specific section.

The main drawback of this tool is that it is relatively expensive, with a price that is more attractive to large companies and specific domain research businesses.

LinkMiner is our runner-up

Designed specifically for this task, LinkMiner is another web tool that will require you to have an account with them in order to use it.

One of the features you will be very fond of is having “favorite” backlinks, meaning you can create listings you can check-up regularly with ease.

linkminer backlinks

Making such listings can help you focus on a specific issue your website is having with backlinks, or have a focused competitor listing.

Note that LinkMiner is a paid tool, with a monthly price significantly lower than the previous recommendation but it still may not be in the budget for an average website owner.

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Moz Pro search engine optimization suite

The Moz Pro suite includes the Link Explorer tool which can give you a detailed link profile for your site, but an even more interesting feature is one that enables you to compare your site with four different competing sites.

What this means is that you can literally figure out what your competition is doing better, and poise your aim to improve upon that information.

Moz Pro backling checker

The pricing for this suite is substantial, but you need to be aware that the price will include a full SEO suite which can help you get higher rankings, better traffic quality, and overall better results with your website – possibly leading to higher profit.

BuzzSumo semi-free content analyzer

The BuzzSumo is a web tool that can help you extract information about your website content, as well as competitors too, and yes, it can be used for creating a backlink strategy.

What you need to do is type in the domain name to see the most popular content for it, then click the link icon to see the backlinks for that content. This is an easy way to see your competitors’ backlinks at a glance.

BuzzSumo content and backlink tool

The main reason why we suggest BuzzSumo is that the tool can be used with a free mode, while advanced users can opt for a BuzzSumo Pro monthly subscription.

OpenLinkProfiler a free web tool for checking links

Finally, a totally free tool for checking backlinks is OpenLinkProfiler, while you do need to create an account with them in order to use it.

The tool enables you to check up to one thousand links per website, with result filtering, and a separate viewing section for nofollowed links. It can also give you the answer to how old are links that point to your site.

backlink checker open link profiler

Considering the tool is free, it provides amazing features, and a significant volume of information, though bear in mind it is not a true match to paid tools mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Conclusion – which is the best backlink checker tool for me?

Admittedly, even totally free checker can help you improve your site’s backlinks and provide search ranking benefits.

Still, the answer to which is best for you should be made by considering your budget as well as the need to improve and increase your site profitability.

If you aim to improve your site ranking and traffic considerably and be one step ahead of competing businesses, then a paid suite may be a better option.