47.000 previously premium .BLOG domains now released and available for registration

Recently one of the major domain stories revolves around the release of 47.000 three-letter domains with .BLOG domain extension back to general availability.

At the time when .BLOG domain extension was launched, some four years ago, these 3-letter domains were reserved but now the .BLOG domain extension operator is going a step back and making these domains available as premium domains.

Some background on these .BLOG premium domains

Apparently, at the time of launch the .BLOG registry operator was optimistic and expected a more profound interest in these domains from the overall domain market, and domain traders, so they made these domains “reserved”.

Why are these premium domains now turned into regular generally available domains?

Allegedly, the .BLOG domain extension operator was in expectancy of holding a rough 250 thousand domains by the end of the launch year though even today they hold less, with little more than 182 thousand.

Knowing this, the reason why these three-letter premium domains are made available for registration is clear, the registry is going back on a decision that is limiting their domain growth.

By making these domains available the .BLOG domain extension will increase the user base and the registry will gain additional renewable income through new domain registrations and renewal.

Though some of these premium 3-letter domains are priced at a few hundred dollars, it seems the expectations for some of these domains are optimistic to the point that a select number of domains is priced at $100 thousand. Unfortunately for the buyers, the later renewal price is the same, as premium domains renew annually at premium retail pricing.

Will there be any limitations to premium .BLOG domains purchase?

The registration process for these premium domains should be the same as for any new .BLOG domain name registration, and domain registration has already started with October 7th, 2020.

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What this means is that there are no special requirements for these three-letter premium domains, but all the rules for regular .BLOG domain registration does apply.

Who are these .BLOG premium domains aiming for?

The few hundred of these premium domains that are priced at around $100 thousand are definitely aiming for companies and well-established bloggers that have the means for acquiring such a domain.

On the other hand, domain investors may be on the lookout for these premium domains, though domain industry experts are a bit surprised with such .BLOG premium domain pricing.

What are the advantages of getting such premium domains?

Companies with large marketing budgets can definitely use a powerful domain with their online marketing strategy, as with them having a perfect matching domain for a campaign can make a difference.

These three-letter premium domains offer a short and recognizable domain that is perfect for branding purposes and your target audience will be able to recognize and identify the domain very easily.

Marketing agencies do recommend such premium domains that contain words or phrases attractive to pay-per-click advertisers will bring more traffic and be more sought after as well.

Should you get one of these three-letter .BLOG premium domains?

Given that pricing for some of these premium domains is quite exorbitant it is hard to recommend all of them, but if your online marketing does match with a relatively cheap three-letter .BLOG domain then it might be an attractive offer.

On the other hand, if you possess certain insight into a specific business or industry niche then snagging one of these domains for a low price and holding until you can make a profit from a sale might just be the right thing to do.