4 amazing tips for buying a domain name and some additional advice

Acquiring a suitable domain name for your site is an important step for any online business. The domain name will become a part of your online branding, and your visitors will recognize and communicate it to other users.

This is why before registering a domain name you need to make sure that it is suitable for your online branding.

the number of registered domain name has tremendous growth

The usual norm is that you should want a domain name that is short, easy to remember, and easy to communicate (spell, type, and voice). This will help you avoid losing visitors due to complex domain construction as well as typing or vocal errors that plague internet users.

Keep in mind that once you register the domain name there is no further editing or changing it – you are “stuck” with it, so we would love to give you a few amazing tips on how to get a really good domain name.

4 features of a very good domain name

Before you register your domain name, use these questions and tips to check if it fits your needs.

Is the domain name short enough? As we said before, long domains are hard to remember and can induce communication errors so try to keep it short.

How many words are combined to make that domain name? Our recommendation is two words max, and if you cannot find the best possible match for your word combination try to use a keyword synonym for one of the words. You can use an online dictionary to find synonym words that can be used.

short domain name is always better

Is the domain name memorable? You should aim for a domain name that is relatable to your target audience and will be easy for them to remember.

I know that many websites coined inexplicable words into meaningful terms, with Google one of them, as now when someone says “google it” it means to search on the web. However, I am not sure that you should do it too, as you would need substantial marketing resources to do a similar marketing campaign.

Domain extension choice should be based on your target audience. For example, if you are a local business then the best choice is local ccTLD as it will improve your SEO and it will be recognizable with the local community.

Additional tips for domain registration

The .COM domain is always the best choice for a globally aimed website, but it is very unlikely that you can find a suitable domain that is available for registration, meaning it is very likely you will have to go for an ngTLD or an internationalized ccTLD.

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What this means is that you will probably be looking for an alternative to .COM with a .CO, .IO, or a specific niche ngTLD (.design, .club … etc.).

ccTLD can be the best choice for domain name

Above all, try to coin a domain name that will clearly speak to your audience and entice them to check your website out. A suitable new generic top-level domain may just be the thing to create a memorable domain.

Are all domain registrars the same, or do you need to look for the right one?

Beginner domain owners may find it difficult to distinguish one domain registrar from another and may go for the one with the flashy website, but domain trade veterans certainly do have a formed opinion on all of the renowned as well as a number of niche registrars.

While we do not want to discourage you from registering a domain name with any specific domain registrar, we can give a few tips on how to choose the right one.

First, when you go to a domain registrar website, be sure their site is on the “HTTPS” meaning your communication with them is encrypted through an SSL certificate.

The main reason why you would want this is that you do not want your personal information (credit card number, or other sensitive info) to find its way into malicious hands.

Second, if you are aiming to have the domain registration in private, look for a domain registrar that can provide free privacy protection service. Note that most European registrars are bound to provide this service automatically as a part of GDPR.

Third and no less important, take a good look at their domain pricing on the landing page, as well as at the purchase/checkout, and be sure you are not being weighed with any hidden fees.

Even some renown and large domain registrars can try to trap you with hidden fees. Instead, choose a registrar with no hidden fees policy.


Registering a good domain name is an important part of starting an online business, because once you go with it there is no turning back, and changing the domain later can have a negative impact on your visitors’ traffic.

Do research, talk with your peers, brainstorm ideas, check out what kind of domains are competing businesses using and only after doing a thorough job, then purchase your domain name.

While in the process, use our tips and I am sure you will make a fine domain name registration.